Blackbeards compass


Blackbeards Compass is an electronic video slot by the popular online casino company 1×2 gaming. In this blackjack review you will learn more about this popular game. This casino game utilizes a non-realistic design which involves five revolving reels & up to 35 payout lines / payslips. This makes the game quite unique as it provides the player with a unique casino experience. The game can be played with single or multi-player options.

The Blackbeards is basically a traditional slots game where there are certain symbols programmed into the reels that represent specific outcomes of the respective spins. For instance, a red reel spin will result in a payout of a red amount while a black reel spin will result in a payout of either a black or red amount. When the player enters the “lo” section of the spinning wheel they will see the symbol for that specific outcome/value. These symbols can change overtime depending on which reels are spun and the spins on that particular spinning wheel.

The blackbeard’s compass is a unique slot due to its non-realistic graphics. The game is purely symbolic with no reference to any physical object that could be broken down to its parts. This means that the symbols on the reels do not change in any way when the game is being played. In addition, the symbols are randomly generated within the code that runs this particular game. When the time comes to spin the reels, no matter what symbols are on them, they will always produce the same result. Blackbeards Compass can be a great slot game that anyone can play because of its non-realistic slot-like graphics and random symbols.

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