9 masks of fire


9 Masks of Fire continues the award-winning tradition of the Jackpot slot machine. The new theme is even more fun than the previous versions! The graphics are colorful and the sounds are loud. What more can you want from a casino game? The reels have been changed to a larger font and you will notice that now there are two speed settings which give players a better chance of hitting the jackpot.

There are nine masks in total, and players can switch freely between them as they see fit to make a string of bets. Slots are circular and it is easy to confuse one with the other without actually knowing which one you’re holding. This makes the game less exciting for the casino’s employees and customers who don’t know what’s going on. You will notice that all of the earlier versions of this slot machine used black masks. Now, however, you’ll see a rainbow of colors. There are also a few other changes that you’ll find interesting such as the addition of an additional “belly” slot which pays out a nice chunk of cash, and the addition of two new bonus icons that really add to the excitement!

In case you didn’t know, you can earn cash and win big just by guessing the correct answer to all seven questionnaires. The questions range from questions about your sex to your education level to your yearly income. As long as you can identify the correct answer, you can win big money! There are also a couple of bonus icons that will help you increase your bankroll: the jackpot icon when you hit nine masks; the lightning icon when you hit three red masks; and the star icon when you hit nine masks of fire. You may need to play nine of every ten spins in order to reach the jackpot which will pay out 400 dollars.

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